A Quick Guide to Book Marketing

Though you may be having the best book in the world, you may find that not many people know of its existence.  This means that there will be no one buying the book.  In order to avoid such a predicament as an author, you need to focus on its promotion, publicity, and marketing every day.  A self-publisher is required to have an excellent marketing plan which should be written down before writing the book.  This marketing plan will help you to sell the books once you are done with writing.  This article gives an insight into easy and cheap book marketing.

More on book marketing here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FuZwWXtAzFw.

It is essential to send a press release to many different print and broadcast media a few days before you publish your book. After publishing the book, make sure that you send other press releases from time to time.  The press release should give all details of yourself as the author and the reasons for writing the book. It should also state why the book is beneficial to people and where they can buy it from.  It is advisable to keep sending the press release to your local daily newspaper's editor every week until they call you for an interview or maybe write about you.

It is worthwhile to note that, if used correctly, press releases are a useful marketing tool.  Nowadays, press releases have become increasingly popular since most publishers have discovered their powerful benefits in promoting and marketing their books.  Therefore, if a publisher sends the press releases regularly, their books will become popular within a very short time.

Additionally, you may submit articles to various article directories online.  These directories should be the ones that deal with the topic on your book which will drive traffic to your website.  As long as you book fits the market, you will be able to sell it.  It is also prudent to periodically place free ads on your website about the book.  Write a beautiful message that will attract people to your site.

You may also market your book by way of making telephone calls to the right networks.  This is a cheap way of marketing compared to other expensive means such as display ads, radio, and billboards.  You may also consider leaving your books at a bookshop for sale then you collect the money after the sales are made.  Similarly, a well-designed website is another avenue for displaying your books and selling them to many potential customers globally.

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